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Spacing is a broad category, encompassing the horizontal spacing of notes, vertical spacing of staves, and all text-based objects on the page.

Horizontal note spacing is a crucial and often-overlooked category of music typesetting. Proper spacing has a profound effect on both the legibility and overall appearance of the score.

Typesetting should follow the strictest engraving standards for music spacing that is balanced and pleasing to the eye, as well as easy to read, both musically and textually.


Like the foundation of a house, good font choices form the basis for print design. Fonts need to be as clearly legible as possible and should convey the intended overall style.

Whether you want your scores to look established or unique, I can help you choose from a carefully curated library of text and music fonts to achieve that.


While a beautiful score is a work of art, much of the process of engraving it is a science. Line thickness, notehead size, slur weight, stem length… every one of these elements can be objectified. Some rules that govern these elements can be bent (or even broken) to create a unique “house” style. Others are established conventions that make a score intelligible to others. Either way, minutiae matter.

The end goal

The rules of music notation are important, but they don’t guarantee a beautiful score. This is where science gives way to art: the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Each element provides its contribution to the printed score to make it not only clear and understandable, but beautiful as well.

Music written to serve the church should be engraved at the highest quality. That’s what I do.


If you’re interested in creating a hymnal for your church, contact me for a personalized quote.

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