Cantate Domino: A Liturgical Songbook for Classical Christian Schools (hardcover)

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Cantate Domino includes a rich collection of spoken and sung liturgies that promote the True, Good, and Beautiful in corporate worship. Its timeless and historic contents are the result of decades of use in classical Christian schools, as well as surveys of more than one hundred schools to find and compile the best material from their respective traditions. The book represents one of the greatest strengths of classical Christian education: its emphasis on the integration of historic, orthodox Christianity through theology, literature, and the arts. The selections in this book span many centuries of church history, from the early church to the present day. Some selections are complex, others are simple, but all are intended to be immediately useful and sensitive to a school’s calendar and sacred seasons: Scripture readings, prayers, creeds, call-outs/sound-offs, rounds and canons, chanted psalms, and a broad selection of hymns that school leaders will use daily in their assemblies or chapel/Cantabile services.

The book itself is beautifully typeset and bound in a dark blue cloth hard cover with gold foil stamping. Its sewn binding is durable, and it lays flat when opened. It is adorned on the cover with an image of an empty tomb, symbolizing the hope of the resurrection in our Lord.

About the Editor
Preston Atwood (PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison) is the upcoming head of school at Westminster Academy in Memphis, TN, and a coach and mentor to several classical Christian start-ups. He loves music and literature and especially the integration thereof, as reflected in the release of his piano album, Fusing Canons (2024), which includes fifteen original piano compositions that depict scenes, characters, and themes from the Great Books. He also has a passion for the ancient world and classical languages, as can be seen in his book, Translating a Translation: An Indirect Translation Approach to the Relationship of LXX-Isaiah to Peshita-Isaiah (Brill, 2024). Preston is married to Emily and has eight kids, all of whom love making music, reading, and exploring the outdoors.


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Every classical Christian school has found itself in search of rich, liturgical resources that not only align with our classical Christian tradition, but can be used in a variety of worship settings. Look no more! Dr. Atwood’s Cantate Domino is a thoughtful, versatile collection of prayers, hymns, and spiritual songs that help shape the hearts of every young person in your school.

Eric Cook, Ed.S.
President, Society for Classical Learning

In addition to reviving and preserving the study of the Great Books, teaching through the trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, and instilling virtue in their students, classical Christian schools have brought back to Christian education a renewed focus on the creeds, prayers, liturgies, and hymns of the church universal.

Preston Atwood’s well-conceived liturgical songbook provides just the right resource to enable and empower schools to invite their students into a dual dialogue with the Triune God and with the last two millennia of Christians. I highly recommend it for classical Christian schools across the country.

Louis Markos, Ph.D.
Professor in English and scholar in Residence at Houston Christian University; author of The Myth Made Fact and From Plato to Christ

As the head of a new classical Christian school, I am inspired by the transformative power of communal worship facilitated by Dr. Atwood’s amazing compilation. Witnessing the impact of classical Christian education on students, faculty, and visitors alike, I recognize the need for a comprehensive liturgical resource tailored to our educational goals and ethos. Those of us launching classical Christian schools have a common thirst for a songbook like Cantate Domino. It is the perfect guide for enriching our students’ spirituality and developing their aesthetic literacy. Guided by principles of endurance, accessibility, elegance, and practicality, Cantate Domino stands as a testament to a commitment to nurturing the hearts and minds of our community through the timeless truths of the Gospel.

Eric Stennett, Ed.D.
Head of School, Penn Woods Classical Academy
Pittsburgh, PA

This song and liturgy book is well-tailored for classical Christian schools and allows the Christian community to dive into a rich tapestry of tradition. These timeless hymns, psalms, and carefully curated liturgical texts foster a deep connection to faith and learning. The invaluable resources in this text will enhance the formational mission of your school.

Timothy Dernlan, Ed.D.
Vice President, ACCS

In the Christian worldview, beauty is the essential accompaniment to truth and goodness. This hymnal offers a bracing dose of all three and is thus a welcome resource for classical Christian schools everywhere.

George Grant, Ph.D.
Pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church
Founder of Franklin Classical School

Music is central to the flourishing of classical Christian education. Indeed, few things are more directly linked to both the heart of classical education and our Christian commitment. As one of the liberal arts, music should be a pillar of a truly classical education, and nothing captures the faith and practice of the historic Church quite like music.

The collection of hymns and liturgies in Cantate Domino demonstrates this commitment to the classical and Christian tradition. The breadth of selections from various traditions, the depth of content selected for inclusion, and the overall design make Cantate Domino the perfect resource for classical Christian schools ready to introduce or deepen their liturgical and musical culture.

Kyle Rapinchuk, Ph.D.
The Classical Thistle

Classical Christian schools are often known for their commitment to beautiful music, theologically rich prayers, and sound-offs that help shape the virtue and habits of students. These distinctions take time and effort to cultivate and develop. Cantate Domino is a welcome resource for classical Christian schools. Administrators and teachers will be richly blessed by having one resource that provides a beautiful integration of hymns, psalms, prayers, recitations, and sound-offs. Preston Atwood’s passion for music, love of the Scriptures, attention to detail, and expansive knowledge of the needs of classical Christian schools lends to the invaluable nature of this resource.

Rich Halloran, Ph.D.
Head of School, Providence Classical School
Spring, TX

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